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FEED MATERIALSuitable for the production of GM-free foodActiProt – distiller’s dried grains with solubles (DDGS) produced from corn, wheat,triticale, concentrated sugar beet juice
PRODUCT DESCRIPTIONA by-product derived from the production of alcohol by means of distilling a mashconsisting of one ore more of the following compounds: corn, wheat, triticale,concentrated sugar beet juice. The finished product is made by drying the entiresolid residues of the process.
DETAILS OF THE PRODUCTION PROCESSDDGS grain is a by-product of the production of alcohol from one ore more of thefollowing raw materials: corn, wheat, triticale, concentrated beet juice. The starch inthe ground grain seeds is broken down by a combination of heat and enzymaticactivity. During the following fermentation process, the sugar released as a result isconverted by yeast into alcohol. The alcohol from the fermented pulp is separated offby means of distillation leaving a mash that is evaporated, dried, pelleted and cooledin a series of production steps. The yeast from the fermentation process remains inthe finished product.PROCESSING AGENTSEnzymes are used to breakdown the starch. The fermentation process then followsusing only yeast strains that have not been genetically modified (as defined underSection 4, Sub-paragraph 3 of the 1994 Austrian Genetic Engineering Act, aspublished in the Official Law Gazette [BGBI] 510/1994).DETAILS OF RELEVANT UNDESIRABLE IMPURITIES MONITORED DURINGRISK-ORIENTED QUALITY CONTROL PROCEDURESRegular monitoring is conducted with regard to:Minerals, trace elements and heavy metalsContents of aerobic mesophilic bacteriaContents of moulds and yeastsDeoxynivalenol (DON), zearalenone (ZON) and ochratoxin A (OTA) by meansof HPLCPCBs in animal feedCONSTITUENTSActiProt® – Getreide contains the following nutrients

[fresh weight in g/kg]:
30 – 32% of crude protein

7,2 – 7,7% of crude fibre
7,7 – 8,2% of crude fat  
Maximum water content: 12 %
SHELF-LIFE AND STORAGEShelf-life: 6 months after deliveryStorage conditions: store in a dry place
ANIMAL FEED LEGISLATIONActiProt® – Getreide is an animal feed product that conforms to current Austrian andEuropean Union legislation applicable to animal feeds.SAFETY INSTRUCTIONSDistiller’s dried grain with solubles is non-toxic, biodegradable and is not subject toany special safety precautions when handled or in transit.
CUSTOMS TARIFF NUMBER: 23033000QS-ID: 4048473049542GMP-recognition: PDVDeclared in the “Positivliste für Einzelfuttermittel der DeutschenLandwirtschaft 6. Auflage” under: 5.05.01 Schlempe